Twenty One Pilots Questions

  • Ode To Sleep: Do you wake up feeling positive but as the day goes on you find you'd rather be in bed and not participating?
  • Holding On To You: What are you holding onto to stay alive?
  • Migraine: Do you feel like you are alone when you have to deal with your thoughts?
  • House Of Gold: Do you find it hard to live for someone?
  • Car Radio: Do you feel like you need music to distract yourself from your thoughts?
  • Semi-Automatic: Do you understand why you might hurt someone?
  • Screen: Do you feel like you have a screen that you show people when you are faking how you actually feel?
  • The Run And Go: Do you share your problems with people or keep them to yourself?
  • Fake You Out: Do you feel like you are a fake? Or faking how you feel?
  • Guns For Hands: Do you feel sad or like you relate when you hear Tyler sing this song?
  • Trees: Do you wish God would reply when you pray or when you speak to him?
  • Truce: Do you feel happy when you have made it through a bad night?
twentyleronepilots asked:
Hi, I'm new to the twenty one pilots fandom (and I'm already so in love with them) so can you recommend some good twenty one pilotsblogs? :)

I can certainly recommend a few that I follow and appreciate!

twentyonepilots- (the band’s Tumblr blog)





And you should follow markceshleman because he tours with them and is goofy and stuff.

I hope this helps! I’m sure there are many more out there, so keep looking and welcome to the clique!

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TWENTY ONE PILOTS - 2014 MTV Movie Awards

You know it’s a good song when it’s the first time listening to it and it makes you cry.

Tyler “i love chord progressions and my mom” Joseph