Anyone else get chills when Tyler goes from screaming “LEAVE ME ALONEEE” to “DON’T LEAVE ME ALONEEE” in Kitchen Sink?

How I Imagine Tyler and Josh Text: New Twitter Icons

favorite Josh Dun’s tweets

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How I imagine Tyler and Josh Text: Tyler Kicks Josh Out of the Band

peanutbrittle200 asked:
What's the difference between your copy of regional at best and the one that comes in a plastic case like Vessel?

I have no idea! I guess I didn’t even know there was a plastic casing for Regional At Best? Can someone help us out?

Thinking of a master plan. Nah, I’m lying. Shawty on my mind.

Posts something on Tumblr: Loses followers

Accidentally deletes Tumblr app for a few days: Gains double the lost followers

When Tyler and Josh are on Twitter:

"Hey, guys! Guys!!! Tyler and Josh are doing a thing on twitter!"